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Lay your driveway, garden path or patio with beautiful cobblestones. In our offer you are sure to find ones that appeal to you. In addition to residential applications, they are also suitable for the public market. We will introduce you to our offer on our website and in our demo garden in Munsterbilzen!


Nijst Natuursteen has chosen to work primarily quality natural stone from its own country and Europe. Our mission is to make Belgian hardstones shine like before. Therefore, the choice was made to work with Belgian bluestone, Belgian sandstone and Belgian porphyry. To complete our range, we complement it with European porphyry and granite. Our cobblestones in large numbers are also recovered pavers broken up from old pavements. They then begin a new life at Nijst Natural Stone. We sort these
cobblestones by quality and size. Thus, all natural stone pavers processed at Nijst Natuursteen end up in an endless cycle of reuse. To meet the needs of all customers, a small amount of Indian sandstone is still offered.


Did you choose cobblestones? Then there are several options in terms of look and finish. There are several quality stone types to choose from. Through our “STONE SPECIES” tab on the website, you can discover them anywhere. After you choose the stone of your choice, you can also decide on the finish. Do you prefer a nice flat surface, or do you prefer more texture? You can! We offer sawn, burnished, aged … finishes, among others. Discover all this on the website or stop by Nijst Natuursteen.


Cobblestones are indestructible and add value to your home. This then makes it worthwhile to build your driveway, patio or garden path with it. They can be placed either permeable or non-permeable. Nijst Natuursteen is at your service in your search for the ideal cobblestone.