Belgian bluestone, also known as “bluestone” or “Arduin,” is a high-quality limestone valued worldwide for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Mined from the Belgian Ardennes, this natural stone is known for its characteristic blue-gray hues and fine texture.

Traditionally used in construction and paving, Belgian blue stone today also finds its application in contemporary architecture and interior design. Its versatility is remarkable: it can be used both indoors and outdoors, ranging from flooring and stairs to siding and kitchen countertops.

What really sets this stone apart is its ability to become more beautiful with time. Under the influence of weather conditions, the surface develops a subtle patina, giving the stone a timeless appearance. Moreover, Belgian blue stone is known for its environmental friendliness, being easily recyclable.

In Belgium, this type of stone is considered a cultural heritage and a symbol of craftsmanship. Its popularity extends throughout the world, where it is appreciated for both its functional and aesthetic qualities.


  • Origin: Hainaut, Liege and the Condroz region
  • Average apparent specific gravity: 2687kg/m³
  • Average porosity: 36%
  • Average compressive strength: 157.9 N/mm²
  • Colors: bluish and grayish nuances

* Values are averages and vary according to the extraction site in the quarry.